Out with the Panasonic Gear


Change of photographic gear again, quick reasons why:-

Panasonic GX7 -The most comfortable camera I’ve used but didn’t like the viewfinder and focus wasn’t as good as Olympus OMD’s.
Panasonic LX7 – Great little camera but viewfinder poor and screen is poor.
Panasonic 42.5mm & 15mm – Both great Lenses but too expensive, I would go for the 14mm pancake and the Olympus 45mm as better value for money.

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Off to Norway – AGAIN!

Oslo Couple

Oslo Couple: 1/100s f/7.1 ISO100 70mm (35mm eq:70mm)

This photo was taken last year on my trip to Oslo, Norway. The camera I was using at the time was a Sony A7 and was just using the KIT lenses, mainly due to the weather sealing.

Good news is that I’m off to Norway again but this time I’m going to Tromso, northern Norway above the Arctic Circle. I’m not sure what Street Photography I’ll be able to do but this time I’m using Samsung gear the NX300 and NX3000. These cameras and lenses are not weather sealed so unsure of what to expect, anyhow will post my results on here and Google Plus.

Shadow man – Colour Version

Shadow Man - Colour

Shadow Man – Colour Version: 1/1600s f/4.0 ISO100 24mm (35mm eq:112mm)

This is the colour version of my iconic ‘Shadow Man’ photo, it was actually taken on a Pentax MX-1 which is a enthusiasts compact camera. It was taken in Bristol at the Cabot Shopping Centre so you see the lines of the roof structure on the floor. I maybe, subject to how popular, run a limited number of prints, all will be numbered and signed, so if your interested please get in touch.

Mini Review : Panasonic Leica 42.5mm F1.2 Lens

Into the Cold

Into the Cold: 1/400s f/2.0 ISO1250 42.5mm (35mm eq:85mm)

This is my opinion of the Panasonic Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm F1.2 ASPH Lens part No H-NS043, this is basically ‘the best’ & ‘most Expensive’ lens you can buy for the Micro 4/3 mount.

Lets start with build quality and feel in hand and on the camera, I could be wrong but I would expect this to be the heaviest and largest prime lens available for m43. It has a quality metal feel to the lens and masses of glass, you certainly know why it’s so expensive. With all this metal and glass comes weight and compared to other m43 primes its feels more like a DSLR prime. On the camera (I used a GX7) it is front heavy but balances OK and useable, carrying the camera about in the hand I never felt the combo was too heavy or uncomfortable.


Stratford: 1/400s f/1.8 ISO1250 42.5mm (35mm eq:85mm)

My experience shooting the streets was mainly a positive one, being a fast prime you always want to shot at the higher apertures and as there is no other lens which goes as wide as F/1.2, it’s tempting to start shooting everything at that aperture. This starts making all your photos have great depth of field but your photos start becoming very similar, you need to fight the urge!


Mike: 1/250s f/1.6 ISO200 42.5mm (35mm eq:85mm)

Love M

Love M: 1/5000s f/1.2 ISO200 42.5mm (35mm eq:85mm)

In conclusion this lens is amazing but it should be for the price! This is not really a street lens, the Olympus 45mm would be a better street lens as it’s a lot smaller, lighter and cheaper. This is a professional portrait lens for studio work but I must admit I did enjoy shooting with it!

Panasonic Lumix DMW-EC1 Eyecup


The Panasonic Lumix DMW-EC1 is an Eyecup for the GX7 which slips over the viewfinder and makes the image on the viewfinder easier to see by blocking the sunlight and other light sources.

It also makes it slightly more comfortable to use in my opinion but not a ‘must have’ might be more beneficial if you are wearing glasses.

There is one Cautions for Use which is a pain and it doesn’t state why but says: ‘remove the eyecup from the camera after use.Do not store the camera for a long time with the Eyecup attached’.


You get a little string which attaches to the Eyecup and is supposed to go around your camera strap so it will hang when not it use. As I don’t use a camera strap this feature is useless so I will use the Eyecup on all day and take it off at night.

Streethunters November Competition

Being Boring.

Being Boring        1/200s f/1.6 ISO200 43mm (35mm eq:86mm)

This is my entry into the Streethunters November Competition, the theme is Woman. The idea is each month there is a separate competition with a different theme, the winner of each month will have their photo featured in the Streethunters Calendar.

You can vote for my entry here….. Streethunters November Contest


First Shoot – 15mm & 42.5mm Panaleica Lenses

Life goes by...

Life goes by….. 1/1600s f/2.2 ISO200 42.5mm (35mm eq:85mm)

For my first shoot I went to somewhere I haven’t shot yet, Reading. I mainly just wondered around town, this was really a ‘get to know the lens and camera’ outing so some extreme apertures and shutter speeds where used. The above is a great example of the DOF you can get with the Panasonic H-NS043 Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm F1.2 ASPH Lens.


Pharmacy    1/500s f/2.0 ISO200 42.5mm (35mm eq:85mm)

On the street the 42.5mm lens is easy to use and gives you good subject isolation, this is the main reason I purchased the lens. I do really like the Aperture Ring, it gives very quick adjustment, perfect in Aperture Priority or Manual Modes as Shutter Speed is easily adjusted with it.


Zero.   1/20s f/6.3 ISO800 15mm (35mm eq:30mm)

The other lens I took was the Panasonic H-X015 Leica DG Summilux 15mm F1.7 ASPH Lens. This is a wide angle lens which is a lot smaller than the 42.5mm but still fast a F1.7. I am just learning this focal length and will do a complete shoot with it later.


Juxtaposition   1/100s f/7.1 ISO320 42.5mm (35mm eq:85mm)

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds   1/400s f/2.5 ISO800 15mm (35mm eq:30mm)

More photos can be seen on my FLICKR PHOTOSTREAM

Alone Time – Panasonic LX7

Alone Time

My daily camera is the Panasonic LX7 it complements the GX7 with the Leica Lenses perfectly. The Aperture Ring is the same as the 15mm and the 42.5mm which makes operating the camera easier. I’ve bought the optional EVF as it helps steady the camera and will be useful in sunny conditions, will post a review soon.