Trip to Tromso Norway 2016

Equipment : Panasonic GX8 with Panasonic 7-14, 12-35 & 45 -175 Lenses

At the end of January my Wife and I were lucky enough to go to Tromso. Tromso is situated in Northern Norway, within the Arctic Circle and is sometimes referred to as ‘The Gateway to the Arctic’.


We originally went to Tromso in December 2014 and decided to go back again this year. Please click  HERE to go to a previous post containing photographs of better examples of the Northern Lights. Unfortunately the lights were hardly visible during our trip.


On the Saturday, we booked a day trip with Wandering Owl Tours; a firm I heartily recommend. This took us further afield to Summer Island and Whale Island.



On the Sunday we took a wander around Tromso and its Harbour.

Whale Boat


To get a great view of Tromso you can go up in the cable car. Unfortunately this year it is shut for refurbishment, this photo was taken during our visit in 2014; so you get the idea.


If you’re looking for a winter destination I would recommend Tromso, there are direct flights from Gatwick with Norwegian Air.

Street and a bit with the Ricoh GR

This is not the first time I’ve had this camera, if you look back at ‘Street Photography in Bristol‘ blog post you will see several photos taken with the Ricoh GR. The Ricoh GR is thought by many to be the best Street Photography camera you can buy, the main reasons being the Small size, Large APS-C Sensor, Quiet Shutter and the best feature: Snap Focus. I’ve known it to be called ‘The Ninja Camera’ so this is great for Candid Street Photography.

The Thinking Train

I personally bought it to try and get familiar with the 28mm equivalent focal length, I’m looking to purchase the Leica Q and wanted to test out the how I could use the camera. As usual when I test a camera a trip to London was in order, luckily I managed to get a couple of shots at the Train Station I liked.

The train

There are already many reviews on the net about this camera and most are from Street Photographers so I will just give you my likes and dislikes:-


  • Small size so will fit into your pocket
  • Sensor size is large for such a small camera
  • Snap Focus – set to distance and when engaged with a full press of the shutter button will focus at that distance
  • TAv Mode – seen on Pentax cameras, set shutter speed and Aperture and camera chooses ISO


  • No built in EVF only optional external OVF
  • RAW files have less detail than I’m used too.

Here’s a few shots from the day, these I can’t decide on Black and White or Colour…..What do you think?

Below – these two shots are slightly different but still unsure.


I did enjoy my day in London, not having to take my camera bag as I just had the Ricoh GR and an extra battery. Not having to decide what Lens to use, all very liberating. On battery life, it is pretty poor, I usually keep my camera turned on as I roam the streets and the Ricoh battery lasted just over two hours with only about 50 shots taken, hopefully there maybe a Eco saving mode I need to turn on. The fixed lens is great for Street Photography but I did wish it was wider when I wanted to take more Architectural photos, buildings seemed squashed and there was no sense of Space.

Last one from the day…

Shadow play

The Leica Q has a great Macro Mode too so I wanted to see what I could achieve with the Ricoh GR Macro Mode. These couple of shots were taken while walking the dog over my local common.



P.S This is my brothers dog.

walking the dog


This is still very much up in the air, I would like to get the wide angle converter lens which gives a 21mm equivalent focal distance which should be much better for Architectural shots. Shooting Street is easy with this camera but not to me satisfying, it does not have the right feel to me, it’s more a tool to do a job so you don’t get the satisfaction of using it. My thought is this, this is a great camera to have in your bag but would never be my main camera, I just like the feel of putting the camera to your eye, to take the shot, it has to have some weight and tactile feel, the Ricoh GR has none of these.

Great British Street Photography

These are a collection of what I like to call ‘Great British Street Photography’ they are photos that colour and form are the main factors. They are heavily influenced by photographers such as Paul Russell and Justin Sainsbury but unfortunately not quite as good!

Recent Photography

I’ve been quite busy over the last few weeks and have done some photography but nothing to write a whole blog post about, so this is a combination of several trips with my recent photos.

Trip to Southsea

This was a half day trip just to test out my new Lenses before I went on holiday, The top image was taken with the Voigtlander MFT 17.5mm f/0.95 Lens testing the depth of field. Using Peaking it was easy enough at that large Aperture but on moving targets very difficult, more practise will be needed.

GB Seaside

I am pleased I’m still getting Images for my ‘Great British Street Photography Project’ and when I have ten I will post in a separate Blog, the above is great, below is good.


I did get one other image from the visit and this one I processed black and white.


Lanzarote Holiday

If you look back you will see last year I went to Portugal with 3 Sigma Merrill Cameras and managed to do two blog posts and some nice photography, this year was going to be more relaxed and pretty much didn’t get any good photography. A few shots I did get:-

Stripped CrossingTaxi

Panasonic Event : Street Photography with Gagan Sadana

This was an event held at my local Panasonic Store in Southampton hosted by UK Street Photographer Gagan Sagan. He gave a very interesting talk then we all went on a  photowalk. I used my GM1 for the event mainly using a 14mm pancake and sometimes the 42.5mm Lens. I mainly when to the event to meet Gagan and to see his new Panasonic GX8 (a future purchase?)

Few photos from the day:-

sidey at 16Catch a Smile

Phone+TextEbb and Flow

A few Skateboard Shots now:-




Olympus Photowalk with Rob Pugh

I was lucky enough to be able to go on a free photowalk with Olympus Visionary Photographer Rob Pugh. This was part of the London Image Festival which was organised by Park Cameras at their London Shop, as part of this Olympus arranged the photowalk.

Now I’ve been on a few of these free photowalks arranged by Camera Manufacturers, Websites and Camera Shops and most turn into a follow the leader social natter. You get to meet some fellow photographers and sometimes chat settings or about gear but nothing overly serious. The lead photographer usually goes over a few brief settings but nothing you shouldn’t already know.

This is where Rob is different, firstly he went over Lenses, then encouraged us to use manual focus and Zone Focusing, explaining what this is. When we stopped at a statue he went over Peaking and made sure that everyone knew where it was in the settings, any questions he answered and was generally a fountain of knowledge.

Rob Pugh

Now this is another first, he gathered us in a group and told us his secret Black and White settings for Street/Scene and Black and White settings for Portrait, he even programmed them himself in my camera!

Candid Street Portrait Using Rob’s Settings – Jpeg SOOC

Nikon Girl

In conclusion I would just say if you get a chance to go along to an Olympus event don’t hesitate especially if Rob’s involved. I was so impressed I’m thinking of taking his 3 day course in Lisbon or even New York!

Few more photos:

Window selfie

Just Chillin


Yes Sidey

UK Street Raw

UK Street RAW is a new side project, the photos will be all taken from close range and will be 100% Black and White. I usually post process in Lightroom but all these photos will be processed with the NIK Software Suite.

These will not be Fine Art these will be RAW Street Photography emulating film street styles.

Why don’t you click the tab to be taken to



1st Annual Streethunter Meeting – London

Date : 6th June 2015      Location : London Waterloo Railway Station    Camera : Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mkii & 25mm f/1.8 Lens

I consider myself lucky to have found a great Street Photography Group on Google Plus called this is primarily run by a street photographer called Spyros Papaspyropoulas who happens to live in Crete.

This is a very friendly community which gives excellent feedback on posts but also has a very good camaraderie with many members engaging from all corners of the globe. In fact, as I’ve been a member for a while I have ‘Mates’ in USA, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy and not forgetting here in the UK. can be found on many social media sites including Google Plus, Flickr and You Tube. The latter being one of the reasons Spyros came to London…… a StreetHunter Video! If you have not seen them, they are videos of Spyros going out on a ‘StreetHunt’ where he documents his day as a street photographer. You get to see the moment the photograph was taken and then the finished image, check out the videos HERE.

Who Me?

The day started with a meet up at Waterloo Station, many members of SHRC on Google + where present but also some Flickr group members and a few from Twitter or had heard about it through Social Media. There was a giveaway of Cosyspeed camera bags (I didn’t win as usual) and then we all followed the leader Anton Fortein (Local London Street Photographer) down the Southbank to Borough Market. Photo : Yes, the guy posed he had no choice!

As I’ve been down the Southbank quite a lot recently so I was in natter mode more than street photography mode but once I got to Borough Market and the group split up I was more in the zone.

Borough Market

SmileSay CheeseMmmm

From Borough Market we walked to St Pauls Cathedral.

Two GirlsGreen FlagV2

My two favourite photos of the day were taken around St Paul’s Cathedral.

Bottle Half EmptyNo Hands

This is where my day ended but the group did carry on into the night and I’m sure when the video comes out some Flash Street Photography will be in it. Where the next meeting will be nobody knows but I highly recommend you become part of the community and so you can come to the next meetup!

As ever a few more photos can be seen on my Flickr Photostream